Establishment Manager


Establishment Manager


Depending of the Delegate and the Program Director, these will be your main functions:


Roles and responsibilities:

You will represent the company to the entities, organizations and people required by the activity. You will perform administration and management tasks.


Administration tasks:

Support the implementation of the permanent establishment

Manage opening of corporative bank account

Lead accounting with the assistance of the consultancy agency and send invoices for the incorporation of costs into the Navantia’s accounting.

Deliver tax filing done by the consultancy agency to the county of residence


Management tasks:

Personnel management including the recruitment of local staff, the payroll payment, the establishment of the schedule, the definition of the roles, the control of holidays, the management of residence and work permits for the expatriate staff, when it’s necessary

Obligation industrial participation/offset’s management that are effective in the country

Investigation and classification of local companies which can be potential materials or services providers for Navantia

Procurement of materials and services from local companies to support the existing programmes in the country

Development and coordination of joint actions with the Spanish government institutions present in the country such as embassy, consulate and commercial offices ICEX

Day to day facility management. Maintain the offices and ensure the equipment work

Procurement of services for non-expatriate staff visiting the country for management or commercial meetings.


French residence, in the Brest Region. Knowledge of the local area. Candidate selected will be located in Brest, France. French bilingual and English fluent. High level of Spanish is a plus. Dynamism, goals orientation, initiative, autonomy and organization. Required qualification - Degree in Business Administration and Management - Degree/master’s in civil engineering - Degree/master’s in industrial Organization Engineering - Degree/master’s in industrial engineering - Degree/Master’s in Electronic and Automatic Engineering - Degree/Master’s in Naval/Marine Engineering - Master’s in Business Administration and Management - Master’s in Organizational Management

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, Outlook) MS Project FIDIC contracts management and similar work experiences.

De 1 a 3 años de experiencia profesional

From one to three year’s professional experience in similar functions (management and administration in national or international industrial projects)





Fene, A Coruña (España)


Formación reglada

  • Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
  • Ingeniero en Organización Industrial
  • Ingeniero Industrial
  • Ingeniero Industrial-Electrónica/Automática
  • Ingeniero Naval
  • Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas
  • Ingeniero de Organización Industrial
  • Máster Universitario "European Máster in Business Administration - MBA"
  • Máster Universitario en Administración y Dirección de Empresas
  • Máster Universitario en Gestión de las Organizaciones


Se valorará conocimiento y experiencia en:
Gestión de contratos FIDIC
Experiencia en trabajos similares


Contrato Temporal